About this blog

This is an attempt to see through the eyes of 80% Indians who are still waiting for their turn in this age of trickle down economics.

An attempt to share their happiness and hopes as they are quick to hope and to read their suffering and pains which is commonly experienced.

An attempt to talk about myths and realities of “Growth and Development” and alternatives to the solutions provided by mainstream thinkers, media and politicians.

  1. May we know why YOUTH4JUSTICE has not taken upon itself more momentous causes? For e.g.:

    Reservations in central educational institutions
    Reservation of 69% in TN jobs and educational institutions
    Reservations based on religion being the latest bogey raised to sustain vote bank politics

  2. if she kicked Natwar singh from party on oil scam… than why not chavan n kalmadi. if indira gandhi runned operation blue star against khalsa separatists… than why this congress government is mum on kashmiri separatists..? is this because of muslim vote bank… is vote bank is upper than nations integrity ..?

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