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Indian Express derailed

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Why INDIAN EXPRESS newspaper & its Editor-in-Chief Shekhar Gupta are leading the vilification campaign against the civil society members?

What is the motive?

Is this journalism or just politically manipulated maliciousness? It is obviously the latter, because it is not just a newspaper, but HMV (His Mistress’ Voice). They hand out the crumbs and he licks them and then he barks & BITES for them.

Let’s look at goodies & hand–out OF THE symbolic hand.

Indian Express Group got huge land in the film city. What was the declared purpose at the time of allotment from the Noida Authority?

What was the source of funds, for constructing this large building? And now they have managed to lease it out to TV 18 group. What were the terms, rates and usage agreement of this mega crore land Scam DEAL?

They get the land allotted on a nominal payment; rest is to be paid in installments. Then a bank conveniently finances the deal & before the building is ready, they get a tenant to pay rent, which covers the bank repayment installments.

But just wait, this is not for you & me!!!
But is it the hand-out by the hand to THEIR favorite INDIAN EXPRESS

Just think how come an INDIAN EXPRESS newspaper with a minuscule circulation of less than 16000 in the NCR has got a deluge of Govt ads. They get proportionally larger allocation for such a small publication. Is it not another legal hand–out for it to bark at the command of you-know-who!!

INDIAN EXPRESS got a huge loan of 450 crores sanctioned from ICICI, whose HAND was behind it? (Incidentally, ICICI bank also connived with the Roys of NDTV in financial misdemeanours and malpractices. Shekhar Gupta hosts a show on the same channel!) http://www.sunday-guardian.com/investigation/ndtv-icici-loan-chicanery-saved-roys)

INDIAN EXPRESS is lampooned by the media fraternity as a Congress stooge, it has kept many curious as to how it has managed to survive, despite its low circulation and negligible non-government advertising revenue.

And how come INDIAN EXPRESS never prints any articles against the govt. And why one Ambani brother gets accolades over the other?