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US Funded revolution,democracy and transparency

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President Obama on Friday strongly defended the rights of Egyptian protesters who have taken to the streets to demand political change, cautioning the government of President Hosni Mubarak to avoid violence and adopt “concrete steps that advance the rights” of the country’s citizens. Obama’s televised remarks capped a day of warnings from his administration – including a threat to review the aid package Egypt receives from the United States – that reflected the urgency of the crisis facing America’s most powerful ally in the Arab world. “We’ve also been clear that there must be reform – political, social and economic reforms that meet the aspirations of the Egyptian people,” Obama said. “In the absence of these reforms, grievances have built up over time.”

All these messages show how serious US is when it comes to democracy and freedom in any part of the world.

But is it true? Is US really worried about democracy and people’s rights or there is a larger picture which we have failed to see?
We know what is the meaning of “reforms” and why US is so much interested in it, don’t we?

According to wikileaks, The United States has pumped tens of millions of dollars into pro-democracy organizations in Egypt, as per diplomatic cables US has directly contributed to “building up the forces that oppose the President of Egypt”.

We all know that Arab countries are very poor in context of human rights, democratic values and a change is definitely needed. But a change artificially induced by US is not the solution, these so-called revolutions will only make the lives of people more miserable. US is not only funding organizations that talk about western form of democracy and principles but is also creating leaders who do not have any mass base, these leaders become celebrities by strategically getting awards and recognitions from western countries including Nobel Peace Prize.

Today it is Tunisia and Egypt, Jordan has already started feeling the heat, but US is doing this kind of strategic funding in various other parts of the world including in India and rest of south asia.

Unlike in Arab countries, in India and South Asia, US is also investing in media and other important sectors that guide the public opinion. Also strong corporate ties with Indian business houses is emerging as a key force in Indian Policy making. That’s why, we see almost all big indian corporate houses talking about corruption and lack of governance as key issues during World Economic Forum in Davos.   They have even sent an open letter to PM on the issue and urgent need of “reforms”.

What is not understandable is how these corporates, organizations and social leaders all are talking in same language which is politically very correct? Why  is there no conflict of interest? Is there actually a common goal everyone is striving for or is there something hidden behind this language of change and revolution?

No one can deny the fact that we need more transparency and accountability, no once deny the fact that corruption has become a cancer and we need to root it out.

But we need to be very careful in what are we demanding and whose language are we using, we need to be aware of the kind of leaders we are promoting. Simple way to ensure this is to check whether these social leaders are applying same values of democracy, transparency and accountability in their own organizations and work or not?

I am afraid that answers to these simple questions can be very shocking and hurting for those who are waiting for a ready-made, push button revolution.

Governance is not the only area of interest for US, from agriculture to science almost in all key sectors, we now have leaders created by US and western economies who talk about need for change and who are in the business of inspiring hopes….

beware friends, this revolution may just be a sponsored one


Faces of Republic v/s Symbols of Dynasty

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Yashwant sonaware, Utsav Sharma, Leshram Jyotin Singh; who are these people?

Yashwant Sonaware, Additional Collector burnt alive by mafia while performing his duty in Malegaon Maharashtra;
Utsav Sharma, a young boy from varanasi who attacked a murder accused second time in last one year believing that “courts never punish guilty”;
Leshram Jyotin Singh, young officer from Manipur, recipient of highest peacetime gallantry award Ashok Chakra posthumously, he died while saving lives of 15 people during a terrorist attack on Indian mission in Kabul.

These three names from different corners of this country ,all making first page headlines on 62nd republic day ,  are symbolic of people of India, their honesty, their acts of bravery, their frustration and their will to bring change, to right the wrong…

But are these feelings, emotions, aspirations and hopes are represented by our so-called representatives or leaders??
Almost all leading political parties including Congress, SP, BSP, RJD,BJD, DMK, Shivsena, AIDMK, TDP, are examples of family dynasty. largest opposition party BJP is dependent on RSS to impose leadership; democracy is nowhere….and this undemocratic leadership of political parties are in no way capable of managing democracy and republic in right manner.

Can Sonia Gandhi, Nitin Gadkari, Mulayam Singh, Lalu Yadav etc. ever understand why a yashwant do not fear for his life while exposing a local mafia or why a utsav with no relation to victim whatsoever, attacks a murder accused or why a leshram dies fighting terrorists??

They can keep on exploiting common people, common resources as long as they are in position to create “burning issue” like hosting tricolor or stopping the same to gain political mileage and to win vote banks…

Jai Hind
Happy Republic Day to you all!!!