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Prithviraj is new age Jaichand

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New Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan is not a clean man even by the present standards of Indian Politics.

We need not to go into history to find out how Prithviraj Chavan belongs to group for whonm development and growth doesn’t include aam aadmi.

Prithviraj Chavan is supposedly very close to Gandhi family and he has remained political crisis manager for Congress party for long.

His role during Nuclear Liability Bill and the way he has been pushing for Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India (BRAI ) bill clearly shows that for him country’s interest do not hold much value whatsoever.

After failing to get the Bt brinjal introduced in India, the government, especially the Department of Science and Technology headed by Prithviraj Chavan, is pushing for getting a new legislation passed by parliament, which will in future prevent all such “non-scientific interventions” in the path of India’s “development”.

This ominous piece of legislation, called the Biotechnology Regulatory Authority  of IndiaBill 2009 may be placed in the ongoing session of parliament. This bill aims to transfer the process of giving approval to GMOs from the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) of the Ministry of Environments and Forests to a committee of three technical experts under the DST. This will bring the approval process under a single technical committee (the so-called “single-window” approach) by removing it from the purview of the existing GEAC which is a more broad-based committee having representatives from the scientific community, agricultural experts and members of civil society. The BRAI also seeks to protect the corporations by marking lot of information under Confidential Commercial Information. And the most draconian part, Section 63 of the NBRAI Bill proposes 6 months imprisonment and/or fine of Rs 100,000 for anyone who “without evidence or scientific record misleads the public about safety of GM crops”. A manifestation of what could be called intellectual terrorism, this implies that no one who is not a scientist or goes through scientific journals can criticize GM crops.

Similarly on Nuclear Liability Bill, the dangerous combination of secretive state, profiteering companies and careerist nuclear scientists will not be in the best interests of the Indian public. Like the Bhopal victims who are running from pillar to post even after 25 years of the worst industrial disaster, we will be out on the street with radiation illnesses and without any kind of help from the authorities. The UPA government through Prithviraj Chavan  gave a nod to the Civil Nuclear Liability Bill.

Only these two examples should be more than enough to prove that Prithviraj Chavan is nothing more than a puppet of corporates and western lobbies.


Some questions for you Madam Sonia Gandhi

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Would you please answer Mam?

1. If Ashok Chavhan is removed because of corruption charges, then what message your party leaders Pranab Mukherjee and Antony were sending last evening when they were travelling with Ashok Chavan in his car while going to meet your party MLAs in Mumbai?

2. If Kalmadi is asked to resign because of loot in Commonwealth Games, then why he has been asked to resign from Congress Party post only and not from CWG organizing comittee?

3. Instead why tenure of Kalmadi as CWG organizing committee Chairman is extended for three months? Will it not give him an opportunity to wipe out evidences?

4. If you actually believe that Adrsh society scam is a serious issues then why only Ashok Chavan is asked to resign when almost all Congress Party leaders of Pradesh Congress Committee are clearly involved and got benefited?

5. Why you and your Govt. is not taking similar action against Sheela Dixit and her ministers who are involved in a equally shameful scam i.e. CWG 2010?

6. Why till date none of your family members have spoken anything against rampant corruption in UPA Govt. that includes 2G, CWG, Adarsh society, Food Grain etc?

7. Why actions against all these individuals like Kalmadi and Ashok Chavans are being taken at Party level only and Government agencies who are actually responsible for actions are not doing anything at all? Do you want to show that Congress Party is bigger than Government and Nation for that matter?

8. Please explain why we should believe that you and your family is not directly involved and benefited from all these scams considering the fact that you are mum and reluctant to take any concrete action whatsoever on any of these issues?