Satyamev Jayte – not any more

In Uncategorized on October 31, 2010 at 7:47 pm

India should rise against corruption

Are you feeling frustrated? fed up? tired, feeling like running away or vomiting? Are you not feeling like killing someone (or all of them)?

Perhaps not. May be you are just rolling over floor laughing or may be you are totally unattached as you believe you are unaffected.

As a nation we are witnessing the loot from the graveyards of soldiers in Maharashtra where we see the naked face of corrupt India, everyone from Chief Minister, all top most defense officers, bureaucrats, politicians from all parties ( Ironically Congress is so confused that all their possible CM candidates are involved and they don’t know whom to replace present CM with)  are partners in this open loot.Raja

This news of Adarsh Society scandal in Maharashtra has replaced news of massive corruption in Commonwealth  Games in Delhi which is biggest scandal of independent India by the sheer scale of money and people involved in it. CWG corruption had replaced 2G spectrum scandal another milestone in the history of looting and corruption.

Remember Rajas, Kalmadis and Chvans are only puppets in this open loot, real mangers are running the show and they just replace these puppets with new ones to ensure more loot.

This is what M.J. Akbar writes about it : “It is entirely appropriate that a nation whose motto is Satyameva Jayate ( “Truth Alone Triumphs”) should discover a metaphor for ravenous loot in a Mumbai building society called Adarsh (An Ideal).”

He further adds, “There is no shame left. It is tempting to ask whether there is an India left when most of its ruling class has abandoned every principle in its composite, vulgar commitment to theft, but hopefully India is larger than its ruling class.”

At present we have a political leadership that is corrupt to the core supported by rest of the three pillars (bureaucracy, judiciary and media)  as much corrupt and powerful. There is no doubt that our so called Mr. clean (MMS) Prime Minister is heading the corrupt most coalition with full support from opposition when it comes to issues related to money.

Time for us all to think about it. Its already too late. Time for India to rise against corruption. “India against Corruption” is the need of hour.


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