Indian Politics will not be the same again…

In Uncategorized on September 2, 2010 at 11:34 pm

Sonia Gandhi will be ceremoniously declared re-elected unopposed as the National President of Indian National Congress on Sept. 3, 2010.

She will become longest serving President of this political party (yes longer than J.L. Nehru and Indira Gandhi).

But repetition of past in Indian politics will stophere. Everything that will happen in coming few months will be full of drama and unusual both in terms of process and outcome.

Starting from Congress Party- within one month of her re-election Sonia will appoint new team including  all state unit heads and also 10 general secretaries, 25  secretaries, 6 spokespersons, 1 treasurer that together comprises Congress Working Committee.With possible 33% women reservation in party posts and one person-one post formula being implemented in the party, this will lead to replacements of ministers in UPA govt. and change in political equations with in Congress.

With UPA touching lowest figures in terms of popularity, chances are we will witness some major reshuffle in Union Cabinet ( however no bets on Manmohan continuing as PM thoughPranab has already taken over  his job politically).

New Congress team will definitely be different and will upset good many influential leaders in Congress party and some of them may decide to fight for their survival from both inside and outside party circles.

Rahul will continue focusing on Uttar Pradesh but Court verdict on Ayodhya scheduled in September will definitely affect all present equations ans scenarios. If Govt. is aware of the verdict ( which is highly possible) then chances are Congress may showcase Rahul as great problem solver who will publicly announce solution of Ayodhya issue ( several rounds of talks between Hindu-Muslim religious leaders have already taken place and only finishing touch to the final compromise is left, Rahul of course has no role in it so far but he never had any in Vedanta also).

A sudden announcement of Ayodhya Solution before or immediately after Court verdict will go hugely in favor of Congress, but seeing the sensitivity of issue and its potential of charging emotions, one slight mistake may  provoke communal tension( violence also in selected areas). BSP will be the only loser in case of Communal violence however both Congress and BJP will benefit from a limited span of communal tensions followed by Ayodhya verdict.  No one knows what will happen after Ayodhya verdict but one thing is sure Indian politics is all set to change.

On other hand BJP-RSS-VHP are also trying their best to be part of possible solution of Ayodhya conflict and will not allow Congress to go away with any political gains alone.  This is their only hope to fight back in Uttar Pradesh.[I must remind you that this court verdict is not related to what happen on 6th December 1992, but this is in response to a question put by then President of India in 1993 asking  Supreme Court to find out whether there was any temple at the disputed site before 1528 and Supreme Court has further asked High Court to investigate and find out].

Other than these two possible catalyst to political drama in coming months, there is another interesting twist waiting to happen.In light of terrorist attacks and informations related to their funding sources, CIA has forced Swiss bank and Vatican Bank to share their secrets. India has also signed a deal with Swiss bank on 30th Aug. 2010 in this regard. Chances are Government will have access to these names and something may come out after Obama’s visit to India. We still have to see how it will affect our political circus.

We can say that  BJP-Congress coming together on nuclear bill in last session was nothing in comparison to political drama that lies ahead in coming months….wait and watch….

pikchar abhi baki hai….

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