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Bharat Bhagya Vidhata

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Warm greetings to all on 64th Independence Day.

I feel like sharing some random weird thoughts that came while I was watching MMS talking to nation (addressing whom?) from Red Fort early morning today …

With 80% Population living on less than Rs. 715 per month, 28% are alive only because they are tagged as BPL (Below Poverty Line),200000 farmers committed suicide (forced to do so) in less than a decade 60000 people have died because of terrorist attacks, another 12000 by security forces and naxals, with North Eastern states like Nagaland and Manipur facing  violence of all kinds for years, from Srinagar to Kohima to Imphal to Jagdalpur people have a sense of desperation, insecurity and fear, there is nothing much to celebrate or feel proud of.

Sorry to those who feel I am being too cynical.

Lets change the topis,

Who was Robert Clive?  

The foundations of the British empire in India were, it is said, laid by Robert Clive, known to his admirers as the “conqueror of India”.

Those who have no love for India will not hesitate to plunder her treasures. Mohammed Ghori, Nadir Shah, and the British scum in the East India Company such as Robert Clive, made no secret of it.

But if we look at Commonwealth Scandal (just another example) we feel that our present day leadership  is more discreet, but as greedy, in looting of Indian treasures.

Robert Clive had used “divide and rule” as policy and the same policy is adopted by our rulers after the transfer of power on 15th Aug. 1947.

All dreams, hopes, expectations, aspirations of common indians were systematically crushed in last 63 years.

Sorry for being cynical again…….lets talk something else….

Who is Bharat Bhagya Vidhata ( Lord of Destiny of India) in our national anthem? whose victory are we wishing for when we sing “Jai Ho”, Who is the Adhinayak of Jana Gana Mana

[ Just to give it a little context – Jana Gana Mana, was written by Rabindranath Tagore in honor of King George V and the Queen of England when they visited India in 1919. To honour their visit, Pandit Motilal Nehru had five stanzas included that are in praise of the King and Queen.
(And most of us think it is in praise of our great motherland.) In the original Bengali verses only those provinces that were under British rule, i.e., Punjab, Sindh,Gujarat, Maratha, were mentioned. None of the princely states, which are integral parts of India now, such as Kashmir, Rajasthan, Andhra, Mysore and Kerala, were recognized.

Neither the Indian Ocean nor the Arabian Sea were included because they were directly under Portuguese rule at that time.
Jana Gana Mana implies that King George V is the lord of the masses and Bharata Bhagya Vidhata, or ‘the bestower of good fortune’. ]

Today 2% of Indian elites have become the Adhinayak and Bhagya Vidhata for more than 1100000000 Indians.

As a nation we are at cross road, and it is time to take decision where we want to go?

chalo……I will close now, listen to this beautiful song that reminds us of our duty in these difficult times that our nation is going through:


– kapil


Myths and Realities of Commonwealth Games

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Commonwealth Games- Myths and Realities

There are various prevalent myths about upcoming commonwealth games, not only among masses but also among some decision makers and intellectuals. Even while interacting with young students and professionals I have found that most people believe in these myths that were systematically spread using propaganda.

From what is Commonwealth to how the city will be affected from these games, from environmental aspects to economic outcomes, there are myths associated with all dimensions of the games.

These myths are created over a period of time in a planned manner and with selective approach. The purpose of these myths is to hide the realities of CWG and real beneficiaries and also to avoid any questioning regarding costs and liabilities.

These myths have created a sense of euphoria among people and there are attempts to justify all exploitation of resources and people behind these myths.

Here I have tried to list out common myths about these games. I have also tried to discuss these myths and show the real side of the picture briefly. After reading this chapter, anyone with open mind and with no vested interest involved can easily see the real side of these games.

  1. Myth No. 1

Delhi should be proud that it is hosting Commonwealth Games. It is a matter of national pride and honor.

The Truth

Commonwealth Nations are group of countries that were colonized by Britishers and there is nothing to be proud of. Why should any nation be proud of being colonized and why do we need to celebrate that by spending hard earned money of poor masses who are still struggling to recover from the loss and insult caused by Britishers to this great country.

  1. Myth No. 2

Commonwealth Games are contest between countries.

The Truth

Article 5 –Commonwealth Games Federation Constitution says

The Commonwealth Games are contests between athletes and not contests between countries.”

  1. Myth No. 3

CWG 2010 is Green Games

The Truth

More than 50000 Trees have been cut for projects related to Commonwealth Games. The Games Village itself is a case of violation of existing Environmental laws and is situated on ecologically sensitive river bed of Yamuna River. Plans are there to kill street animals before the Games. The only thing green about these games is the “money” involved.

  1. Myth No. 4

These Games will benefit people of the City

The Truth

People of the city have already started paying the price and cost of living in the city is going out of reach for middle class and lower middle class citizen of the city. Livelihood of poor people is being destroyed e.g. Rikshaw, Tongas are not allowed as they don’t look good. Yellow- black Taxis are on their way out (more than 50,000 families are directly dependent on these taxis for their living). The development that is taking place is only for a selected class of people with a particular life style. All Labors laws are being violated and authorities are removing poor people from JJ Clusters and slums in the name of beautification.

People of this city will be paying for these games for a very long time to come in form of direct-indirect taxes, in form of souring cost of living in the city, in form of depleting resources, in form of losing the say in governance and administration, in form of rising crime rates etc. There are social, cultural and economic costs involved.

  1. Myth No. 5

CWG 2010 will be profit making games

The Truth

The estimated cost of these games has gone from Rs. 1,899 Crores to Rs. 30,000 Crores and is still increasing. With wrong estimates of tourists, sponsorship etc., there is no way these Games will recover even 50% of the cost and taxpayer will bear the burden of these games.

As a matter of fact no games in recent history has been profit making in any country.

  1. Myth No. 6

It will help the tourism industry.

The Truth

In previous Commonwealth Games held in Melborn, Australia around 50,000 tourists came to watch the games. The estimated number of 2,00,000 tourists visiting New Delhi is clearly not realistic and all estimates of boom in tourism industry based on these estimates will fall flat. Instead of filling up the gaps and providing much needed support to tourism industry, authorities are talking about how games can help tourism industry. Its is a short sighted vision with “ready-fire-aim” approach.

  1. Myth No. 7

These Games will boost sports culture in the city

The Truth

Not even one single investment is being made that will help motivate children and youth to join sports. On the other hand, various local venues and open spaces are encroached by authorities to develop parking and other facilities for CWG. Children in the city hardly have any place left to play and city is facing acute crisis of play grounds and open spaces. These games are in no way promoting the sports or sports culture. The need is to invest at club level and district level and to create spaces and platforms for promoting the culture of sports and providing right infrastructure and support for boys and girls who want to make career in sports.

Our players struggle for minimum money to ensure nutritious meals that can keep them fit, there is complete absence of required infrastructure to compete at international forums and no source of motivation that should come from recognition and encouragement.

We all have seen how selected individuals are sitting as chairmen of various sports bodies and how any attempt to remove them or demand result is backlashed. These individuals who are exploiting the players and eating the talents are now proudly declaring that CWG will boost the sports culture.

  1. Myth No. 8

Games are helping city in getting World Class infrastructure

The Truth

Most of the infrastructure is being developed on the route of players and visitors during the games (Flyover on Barapula Nalah) and it will be of no value to common masses of the city once the Games are over. Similarly the quality of infrastructure is also very poor and unsustainable. No growth projection for the city are being kept in mind before designing these infrastructures and city will be required to invest again within next 5 years to meet its need. In the name of infrastructure only roads are being created, no investment is being made on health, education, sanitation, water and other important infrastructural needs.

  1. Myth No. 9

Games will provide employment and livelihood to poor

The Truth

Thousands of people migrated to city during Asian Games and settled here once the Games are over. All those people were forcible removed and displaced to far away corners of the city to clear land for Commonwealth Games venues.

Games projects have increased migration rates and it will increase unauthorized colonies and slums with more people unemployed after these games. Livelihoods of thousands of people were snatched away in the name of games. For almost one year the civic body MCD is not paying pension to lakhs of poor, widows and disabled people to save money for these games.

  1. Myth No. 10

Delhi will be better city after these Games

The Truth

With lesser trees, no animals, dead river, unemployed work force, sky rocketing cost of living and acute crisis of health, education, water, sewages related infrastructure, Delhi will not be better than a living hell. A perfect case study of how development should not happen, but it will be too late to learn.

Excerpts from “It’s Common v/s Wealth”- Exposing Commonwealth Games written by Kapil Mishra. You can read the entire book here :

It’s Common v/s Wealth

or copy this link in your browser :