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Manipur- our own GAZA PATTI

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Takhellambam Komberei (70), a diabetic, died of starvation and lack of medicare owing to the ongoing protest by tribal students in Manipur. While going to her home at Jiribam from here on May 5, the bus in which she was travelling was stranded on Highway 53 as a result of economic blockade. She and other passengers managed to buy rice at an exorbitant price of Rs. 200 a kg from the nearby village. But soon nothing was available in the village market and they started eating roots, herbs and green bananas found on the mountain slopes. The old woman then started trekking up, but collapsed and died by the roadside.(The Hindu,May 13, 2010)

Similarly to Gaza Patti blockade by Israel, Manipur has been severed at the throat for around 60 days now. Its highways blocked by Naga protestors, there is neither fire nor food, neither medicines nor miracles in the state. Petrol is selling for Rs 170 a litre and LPG for Rs 1,500 a cylinder. It’s time the Centre woke up to Imphal’s misery.

There is not much hope in Manipur these days, not enough food either, or medicines, cooking gas and petrol. The only thing in abundance is despair, fear and bitterness at being on India’s fringes, literally and metaphorically. (TOI, June5,2010)

Why was Takhellambam Komberei’s death, a painful end, ignored by a “Muthalik and Raj Thakre”-obsessed media? A Mulayam prank or a Lalu joke and statue devis and the terror talk to please the exclusive variety of activism overwhelms the media, but nothing on the pains and anguish of those who are living under a constant threat from anti-national ultras, have yet to see a railway station after six decades of independence, bad roads, almost negligible infrastructure, 38 insurgent terror groups always breathing down their necks to extort money and yet proud to be an Indian?

How many Indians would be caring for Manipur or Arunachal or Nagaland, inspite of all those patriotic songs? How many of us would be able to tell what kind of name a Naga, a Mizo or a Manipuri love to wear? Or distinguish their faces and not to call them all as ‘chinkies’?

How many of our elitist or government schools tell the children about India beyond Kolkata and the culture, names, social dynamics and problems of  our border region and northeast in particular?

How many newspapers from mainland India sent their correspondents to report what’s happening to a people who have been cut off from the rest of India, except through the air route, for the last two months? It’s our hypocrisy and a sham nationalism that makes distant areas like Manipur feel distanced from our hearts too. (Why should Manipur remained in India by Taru Vijay in TOI)

Unlike in case of Gaza Patti, our civil society activist and political leaders have nothing to say or comment on Manipur.

Yes, it is Time for self introspection


New Delhi is modern Kashi…

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Those who believe in heaven come here to die!!

At least 10 homeless people are dying on the streets of Delhi every day. After a six-month examination of official records at crematoria, police stations and graveyards across India’s richest city, Smita Jacob and Asghar Sharif, analysts with an advisory body to the Supreme Court, found that 94 per cent of those who die are single, working men. The average age: 42 years.

The people who uncovered the fact liken it to “encountering a mass grave of people who do not matter“ in India’s seat of power.(HT, June1,2010)

All unclaimed bodies and deaths on streets, except those due to accidents, must be treated as possible starvation deaths unless proved otherwise, says a Supreme Court-appointed panel.

UPA under the leadership of Manmohan Singh is presenting is report card today, the background was prepared yesterday, when Finance Minister declared that we are growing faster than expected.

But what was hidden behind the shining figures was that growth of Agriculture Sector was only 0.2%.

So what does it mean? It means that for 70% of population which is directly and indirectly dependent on agriculture the growth is only 0.2% while for a limited section the growth  is so high that it makes the National Average of 7.4%, higher than expected!!

Here we need to understand that rest 30% population includes unorganized sector labourers, homeless populations in cities, for whom this growth brings displacement and death.

It also means that the gap and disparity between India and Bharat is increasing with each passing moment.

So while the city is busy preparing for upcoming Commonwealth Games to celebrate its “newly developed” status, there are people  dying of hunger and malnutrition.

who are these people? they are the ones who came to Delhi chasing their dreams of a better future and wishing to get away from vicious cycle of poverty by sweating their blood. They believed in possibility of heaven on earth. They are reaching heaven literally while India is growing faster than expected.