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What does it feel to be Jharkhand

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I am Jharkhand.

You want to see how I look like? You must have seen labourers working at some construction site, women labourers with small children to take care of. Poor farmers working hard in their fields with little hope in hearts and fear on their faces. young men working in mines, covered with various metal powders and working hard to get Rs. 70-90 at the end of the day (or night). Pick any of these faces and you can see me.

Oh yes, as far as natural resources are concerned, I am the richest state of India, yet my people are poorest.

Please don’t judge me from the names you know, madhu koda, shibu soren, arjun munda, yashwant sinha, babulal marandi, sudesh mahto…all of these are crorepatis and claim to represent me. But the reality is that out of my 3 crores people, most of which are tribals,  more than 2 crores are surviving on less than Rs. 20/- a day.

Out of 35000 thousand villages, 31 thousand have no primary health center and 28 thousand have no primary school. Only 15% villages have drinking water and sanitation facilities and and even lesser have electricity supply.

The incidence of poverty is very severe. The just released report of Suresh Tendulkar points out that 51.6 per cent of rural and 23.8 per cent of urban population live below the poverty line. In all 45.3 per cent population is below poverty line. It is a miracle that they are still able to survive and struggle for their just demands against the people and forces responsible for their worsening plight. Had the natural resources and government funds not been looted, and if the administration was honest and committed to its duties, they would have been marching on the path of peace and progress (Ref- Girish Mishra).

Today I am again witnessing a political turmoil. I am sure the names that you have read above will find some way out or I will again be under President Rule for some time ( so that these famous leaders can find out a working formula of power sharing).

But that will not in any way ensure a better governance for my people. I am still waiting for some miracle to happen. I am still hopeful that things will change. I am still waiting…


Rotten Pillars

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While the entire nation is busy analyzing black money transactions in IPL, there is far more important news coming that proves that IPL gate is not an isolated case and the whole system is completely rotten from inside.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has  seized a whopping Rs 1801.50 crore and 1.5 tonnes of gold jewellery from arrested Medical Council of India (MCI) President Dr Ketan Desai, who was arrested on the night of April 22 on graft charges.

The CBI, which had secured five-days custody of the MCI Chief, interrogated him throughout last night and made the seizure of cash and gold from his Delhi and Ahmedabad residences and lockers in the presence of Bank and Postal Department officials.

Who is Ketan Desai?
Dr. Ketan Desai is currently the Head and Professor of the Urology Department in BJ Medical College (BJMC), Ahmedabad and the current President of the Medical Council of India. Dr. Ketan Desai has been serving Medical Council of India (MCI) from more than 20 years.

Apart from MCI, he has chaired institutes like AIIMS, IMA, World Medical Association, Dental Council of India, Employees State Health Insurance and many more…

What His growth signifies to us? Is being corrupt a mandatory qualification to survive and grow in our system.  has he done it alone without any support from Political leadership? without any support from Police and Judiciary? without any support from media who is still hiding the news of his arrest?

You want to see the Growth if India..here is the example…Around 15 years back, Harshad Mehta has claimed that he has given Rs. 1 crore to then Prime Minister P.V. Narsimharao and it was the biggest news of the country. Harshad Mehta had to prove to media that Rs. 1 crore can be arranged in a suitcase. 1 crore was big enough amount that some people have not accepted his story just because the amount was too big to be true.

Come to 2010, Thousands of crores of rupees are seized from one individual’s house and it’s not making a buzz. Yes , we are developing. Hence proved.

Thanks to Monteks, Manmohans, Chidambarams, Jaswants and Pranabs of Modern India, The difference between common man and people handling the four pillars of democracy is not only increasing but common man is becoming completely invisible for so-called elites of this country.

Can we rely of our present leadership ( includes all political parties and think tanks) to correct it? can we rely of our judiciary, on our media, on our bureaucrats?

The answer is “NO”, WE CAN’T.

where are we heading as a nation, as a society?

The common man is confused, angry and frustrated. He don’t have answers, he is struggling to survive one more day.

Naxal, Tribal, CRPF- Common Man is here to die

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Death of 76 CRPF men has once again reminded us about the losing value of lives of common men in India. No politician is visiting the homes of those who died instead there are “intellectuals” justifying the killings.

Yes, as a matter of fact naxal movement has spread to around 220 districts and all of these districts are most backward district of India. It is also true that corrupt bureaucracy and politician-mafia linkages have spread a discontent among masses especially tribal in these areas who are forcibly asked to migrate from one place to another in the name of development.

If  we see the roots of naxal movement and its recent development we find that naxal movement is shifting from an violent ideological campaign to a network of self serving anti nation criminals, but we can’t defy the truth that there growth has been fueled by lack of governance in half of this country.

Before launching any all out attack against naxals, it is important to address basic issues of development and corruption in the system.

First we need to answer these questions:

1. What has happened to all the money that has been given to these 220 districts for development under center and state plans?

2. Who are the people (leaders and officials) who have ruled these areas and what are the sources of their income and property?

3. How to save poor tribals and villagers from possible conflict between Government and Naxals?

If we are able to find the answers to these questions, we will see that before punishing naxals, we need to punish and wage an all out war against corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.

Other wise whoever wins the battle, in this struggle only common man will lose and this time again he will lose his life and dignity.

I am ashamed:(

Religious Tolerance is the way to go!!!

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A time to look backwards and condemn the religious intolerance that drove (and drives) religious fanatics to murder innocent people in Gujarat (2002 and1985), Bombay (1992), New Delhi (1984), Bhagalpur (1989),Kashmir (1980s-present), etc.